To all mama, you deserve a day off! Sorry chefs! :)

Happy Mother's day!



Crispy Caulifower 5.95


Tamarind Prawns

A local favorite ~ sweet, sour and savory tamarind (Assam)

sauce brings out the sweetness in prawns.

Garnished with golden shallots and cilantro. 21.95

Pan Seared Scallops (mild)

Lightly seared scallops nested in steamed broccoli,

diced pepper and onion in sweet tangy sauce

with a hint of spiciness. 23.95

Lychee Fried Rice

Jasmine rice with char siu, cashew nuts and lychee served

on a banana leaf. Garnished with lemon and cucumber. 17.95

King Oyster Mushroom with XO Sauce

Julienned mushroom, red pepper and celery

in classic XO sauce. 17.95